Author:  Missy Hodges
Ilustrator:  James Point Du Jour

Available Now! Children are notorious mess makers. And even bigger excuse makers. Denying the mess seems to be a part of their DNA. It is left to us, the parents, to guide them through accountability and clean up.  But, what if…WHAT IF…your child hadn’t really made the mess?  Sometimes parents have to deal with when their child is right.

Corinne and her Dad are at odds again. Dad keeps finding messes in the house but Corinne claims it wasn’t her.  Tired of cleaning up, she sets a trap to catch the messy monster!  

The Monster Trap
The Monster Trap Cover

A Giraffe Past Bedtime

by Missy Hodges
Illustrated by James Point Du Jour

Available Here! As most parents experience, bedtime is a ritual with few easy transitions from the fun chaos of the day to the calm rest of the night.  As Olivia says each night before bed, “But how can I sleep, there is still so much to do?”  Kids have trouble turning off the “GO” button. Corinne is no different. Her attempts at sleep are foiled by a series of furry visitors, or so she tells her Dad. As parents will do, her Dad guides her back to bed trying to focus her attention back to the task at hand:  sleeping!

The next morning proves Corinne’s furry, night-time visitor story may have held more truth than fiction and both, Dad and daughter, are definitely surprised!    Available on Amazon.

Giraffe Past Bedtime Cover

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