Behind the Brilliance

Missy Hodges – In 2012 – after not winning the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest – friends encouraged me to do what I could to publish A Giraffe Past Bedtime. Luckily, one of the encouragers was none other then the wonderful illustrator, James Point Du Jour. He also illustrated The Monster Trap.  You can read more on my blog.

I have a few more stories on the back burner working themselves out.  My current WIP seems to be a doozie and will require chapters over pictures.  Member of SCBWI  (MD/DE/WV) and Waterfront Writer’s M.W.A critique group.

James Point Du Jour – As a child James learned about art through cartooning. He has expanded his creative horizons to illustration, video, and graphic design but the philosophy behind cartooning remains a strong influence. His work, while at times playful, is nonetheless crisp and to the point. His style is well-suited for projects geared towards a family friendly audience.

Originally from Philadelphia, he now works in Annapolis, Maryland. He doesn’t get to eat real Philly cheesesteaks as often as he used to but he takes more walks enjoying the beautiful scenery Annapolis offers. He believes life is all about tradeoffs and finding the good wherever you can!

Check out his other work: Roquefort-Wicked Riffs, Satchel and Duff, and Meaning.


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