Mini Blog 3

Social Media Slave by Ben Mulheran

Happy Sunday folks. It is still raining and the work week is almost upon us once more. I have barely woken up and have not yet had a cup of coffee. So the words are rather limited. I have done a little reading though and the Baltimore Sun article (below) gave me a little boost. I too have noticed how the world has changed since folks no longer look up or down or left or right. At the docks of downtown Annapolis people still sit enjoying their lunch or passing the time. But very few seem to enjoy the view the same. Most are looking at their screen limiting the casual conversation with a stranger, limiting the interactions with others, limiting their overall immersion into life.

I still find myself easily lost in my screen when I pick it up for a search or to make reservations or receive a notification. Putting my phone away 10, 15, 20 minutes later, I realize I haven’t even done what I intended to do. Huge distractions to life. But necessary. Thank @DanRodricks for the needed reminder to be the master of your screen. Not a slave of the screen.

Photo: Social Media Slave by Ben Mulheran


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