Book Three is in the last wee bits of writing. More of a chapter than picture book, there are plenty of rewrites and editing to be done. But I am very excited about the story and hope to get it published via a tried & true publishing house.

March 21, 2017 Update:  This story just keeps adding to itself.  Just when I think I’m closing in, a must-do idea appears.  Now, I’m thinking of doubling the adventure by adding a whole second section to the story line.  Such a fun story to write but definitely has a time line of its own!  Bear with!!

It is 2020 now and life has changed so much. Newly retired, I am finding my days of planned writing and reflection marred by the changes. I fell down a rabbit hole. I was reading and searching for information. I found myself depressed. There was just so much going on, every day a new bit of bad news. I woke up wondering and pondering the state of affairs and had to will myself to stop.

I’ve now limited my social media time, I’ve turned off the news (mostly). I’m finding my way back to myself and my vibe. I’m opening up to the plan I had last year for retirement.

My WIP is still just that. It has grown and transformed and fallen in on itself. It had gone rusty from lack of attention. I am again pulling that out to have a look at it. I still like the story but it is again morphing a bit. I’ll go with it. See where it takes me.


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