Mini Blog 1

Foldable Rain BonnetArrived early for my hair appointment and decided I should use this time-of-waiting to send out mini blogs of random thoughts or things going on around me.

Today I am amused by the old time gossip of the ladies behind the front desk. From local restaurant’s dirty kitchen reports to bridge construction and traffic to the lady in the nearest chair frustrated with her husband for not listening to what she’d said leaving her to take care of kid pick up even though they’d already made arrangements. It is a bit of a comfort to hear conversation having nothing to do with my job, my responsibilities, no celebrities, no sports, or current events. Just common ole run-of-the-mill chatting.

Then a dear little old lady comes out walking like Mr. Tudball to the counter to pay for her pedicure. I kid you not she threw me all the way back to my childhood when she pulled out a clear plastic rain bonnet for the walk to the car. I can picture my NaNa in hers even now.

I am not sure where this nostalgia comes from. I’ve been coming to the same hair dresser for 20 years or so. But tonight is different. Tonight I feel connected, happy, free. At least til 7:30 when life’s responsibilities and duties return. Here is to living in the moment. Cheers!


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