Who Am I?

I am who I am. No matter what I think I’d like to be or what changes I try to make time and again,  I am still me. In my 40′s, I decided who I am was the best thing to be. I am whimsical and goofy and a fashion catastrophe. I like to cook without recipes. I like to wear jeans. I enjoy working out but definitely need a trainer to keep me on track. I love my family. I have a sister I barely know but adore.  My daughters keep me on my toes and push me to my limits but I love them both completely. My handsome husband was absolutely worth the wait. My life is simple…yet complications are always there. Nothing I can’t handle, right?  Right! This is life…my life and I enjoy it.

Drop me a line at mystyhodges@gmail.com.

Western MD Anniversary Photo
My handsome husband and I in Western MD

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