Posted in February 2018

Mini Blog 3

Happy Sunday folks. It is still raining and the work week is almost upon us once more. I have barely woken up and have not yet had a cup of coffee. So the words are rather limited. I have done a little reading though and the Baltimore Sun article (below) gave me a little boost. … Continue reading

Mini Blog 2

Tonight waiting for my husband to arrive I walked around Annapolis. I had already dropped our youngest off at Mahan Hall. She and her classmates were invited to participate in the winter musical. It is opening night, the rain has subsided for now, and the Naval Academy is jumping. It is quite an exciting evening. … Continue reading

Mini Blog 1

Arrived early for my hair appointment and decided I should use this time-of-waiting to send out mini blogs of random thoughts or things going on around me. Today I am amused by the old time gossip of the ladies behind the front desk. From local restaurant’s dirty kitchen reports to bridge construction and traffic to … Continue reading