Mini Blog 2

Tonight waiting for my husband to arrive I walked around Annapolis. I had already dropped our youngest off at Mahan Hall. She and her classmates were invited to participate in the winter musical. It is opening night, the rain has subsided for now, and the Naval Academy is jumping. It is quite an exciting evening.

As I walked, a lady was leading her crying young child across the street. I couldn’t understand the boy through his tears and hitching sobs, but it seems the parents are separated and the child misses his Father. “You just slept there yesterday…I know you miss him.” More crying, pleading, wanting of the other parent. As I passed by Mom, as Mom’s do, she took all the blame, “I am sorry. It is all my fault.”

I feel for her. I feel for the child. I feel for the Father. This situation is sad for all involved. I don’t know or care who may be at fault, who didn’t communicate, or who was a jerk. From my small glimpse into their world, everyone is suffering and there is no solution. I feel for them. For their future and past tears. I pray they find healing. I hope they are able to move forward. I wish peace and happiness for them.


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