Mini Blog 4

Good morning. This one will be quick. I have only four minutes til car pool drop off starts.

My daughter and her classmates were invited to be the children’s choir in this year’s winter musical. The excitement of this opportunity is great. Not only for my daughter but for me as well.

During high school, I worked at Petrucci’s Dinner Theatre in Laurel mostly as the salad bar attendant. I saw several plays and met The @amazingkreskin. The play I fell in love with though was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The energy, the songs, the comedy, the story, all come together in a perfect fun.

Now, watching my daughter in this play 30 odd plus years later gives me chills up and down my spine…every single show!

She, and her classmates, have done a wonderful job. The midshipman are incredible and the music is perfect. And amazing technicolor thanks to the teachers that got them through this! An incredible opportunity for the kids and a great time for this Mom all six shows!

Please note, I was unable to finish in the four minutes I had. I had to do a little fishing for the photos. So MB4 was put aside til I had more waiting time.😁


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