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Latest Entertainment

Latest Entertainment

Although I am not writing as much as I would like, I have been reading. A grand pleasure it is to sit on the deck in the morning sun, cup of coffee in my hand, and read a book. My latest read is the Arc of a Scythe series (by Neal Shusterman). I’ve just finished … Continue reading


Mini Blog 4

Good morning. This one will be quick. I have only four minutes til car pool drop off starts. My daughter and her classmates were invited to be the children’s choir in this year’s winter musical. The excitement of this opportunity is great. Not only for my daughter but for me as well. During high school, … Continue reading

Mini Blog 3

Happy Sunday folks. It is still raining and the work week is almost upon us once more. I have barely woken up and have not yet had a cup of coffee. So the words are rather limited. I have done a little reading though and the Baltimore Sun article (below) gave me a little boost. … Continue reading

Mini Blog 2

Tonight waiting for my husband to arrive I walked around Annapolis. I had already dropped our youngest off at Mahan Hall. She and her classmates were invited to participate in the winter musical. It is opening night, the rain has subsided for now, and the Naval Academy is jumping. It is quite an exciting evening. … Continue reading

Mini Blog 1

Arrived early for my hair appointment and decided I should use this time-of-waiting to send out mini blogs of random thoughts or things going on around me. Today I am amused by the old time gossip of the ladies behind the front desk. From local restaurant’s dirty kitchen reports to bridge construction and traffic to … Continue reading

Crispy Bacon

Many love breakfast but it is not really the meal of choice for me.  I don’t care for cereal or eggs or syrupy waffles or toast with jam.  I refused to drink coffee until well into my 40’s. But bacon is different.  Crispy bacon I love.  On a burger, in a pasta sauce, on a … Continue reading

Do You Know When You’re Being Watched?

Originally posted on Desiree Smith-Daughety:
In the woods, hiking alone, I often suffer from attacks of scopaesthesia. Also known as the “psychic staring effect,” scopaesthesia is the twenty-five-cent word for the sensation that comes over you of being watched but not something your vision has picked up. For example, having the prickly feeling of someone’s…

The Ones Left Behind

“They couldn’t recover after word got out. Folks were sickened to their core.” Rusty shook his greying hair. “I don’t know why you wanna bring it back up.” His heavy work boot scuffed back and forth in the dust, hands shoved deep into his dungarees. “You chose to live here though, right? You continue to … Continue reading

Random Thoughts: Writing Group & Crossfit

I’ve joined a fantastic critique group in the hopes of bettering myself and my writing.  As it is going to require not only focusing – at a consistent clip – on my latest project (book three), I will also be reviewing the wonderful tales from the three other members each month. I’m very excited about … Continue reading

Bye-Bye Summer…

Just a quick note to say bye to summer. It was much enjoyed. We found a fab new (to us) summer destination and visited an old favorite.  Still, I am ready for the chaos and hot fun to be done.  Happily settling into the routine that the start of school brings. Evenings at home. Oh, and … Continue reading