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Baltimore says Goodbye to Otakon

  With Otakon* having spent its last day at the Baltimore Convention Center, I share photos from the mini comic con at the Odenton Library this past May 14. It was a smaller event but hugely attended with many costumes including the super hero pictured above. I thought the library hired them as they posed … Continue reading

Desk Fun

Here’s my Lil’ Santa.  He hangs out here on my desk all year long.  He was a silent auction reject.  No one wanted him, even for a quarter.  But during clean up, I couldn’t let him go.  His shoe was broken off and he was rather faded out.  But I sat him here cause in … Continue reading


I ran across a notebook containing my early attempts at writing; poems, stories, lines of text I felt needed to be saved.  In particular for today’s blog, I found one of my first poems (published in a horse magazine long, long ago). Somewhere in the basement I have the original cutting in a scrapbook with concert … Continue reading

Memorial Day Thanks

Life is wondrous, chaotic, and full of sadness & joy.  Emotions come and go riding the waves of life. Today, Memorial Day, is a day to remember and honor the sacrifices, the heroic efforts, of those that have lost their lives to save ours. Today’s combination of sadness and joy combines in a way other … Continue reading

Wednesday Ramblings

So far, so good.  Not only are wonderful folks buying the newly-released Monster Trap but Giraffe Past Bedtime is having a bit of a resurgence. I find myself deeply touched and totally humbled by the show of support. As most enjoyed Giraffe (of course, who doesn’t love James’ illustrated animals?!) there were a few repeat readers whose … Continue reading

The Verge of Spring

When mornings are crisp and afternoon breezes warm, I dream of sitting in a quiet place, trees all around, tapping away at one story or another. Well not necessarily the tapping part. I miss pen and paper. Although the computer is quicker and editing is a breeze in comparison, blank pages spur on the creative … Continue reading