The Monster Trap – Giving Thanks


Book Number Two Coming Soon!

I am very excited to announce The Monster Trap is going through the final process before publishing. The words have been written, the illustrations illustrated, and the beta readers have read and commented. Illustrator James Point Du Jour (@JMPointdujour) did a fantastic job. Without his talent and expertise A Giraffe Past Bedtime and The Monster Trap would never have gone from dream to paper. I am indebted to him. He is not only an amazing artist and good friend; he is also an incredible font of knowledge on, well, a ton of topics including computers, books, comic books, publishing, social media, etc. There isn’t a topic we’ve broached that he hasn’t known something about. If you happen to meet him out in the world, make sure to shake his hand or buy him a cup of coffee, cause a more complex, talented, interesting individual may not cross your path again.

Also a debt of gratitude goes to one of my biggest encouragers, author Sandra R. Campbell. I won’t say how long we’ve been friends but we have history! I know getting together with Sandee is the answer to any writers block or confusion I may have about my writing. She is brilliant and beautiful and I’m thankful of all our history! Check out Butterfly Harvest and The Dead Days Journal. Follow her on Twitter @Dead_Sassy.

Last for this blog session, a big thanks to my handsome husband, David, who is everything and more to me.  He is always there for whatever I need (except washing my car – that he refuses to do).

David, Sandee, and James encouraged me to enter the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories a few years back. They were also the ones, when I didn’t win, who said my book was good and should still be put out there.  And, that, my readers is how this journey started.




One thought on “The Monster Trap – Giving Thanks

  1. Our history is fantastic and I am happy for it! Thanks for the kind words. You and James both deserve more recognition than you’re getting, but that’s about to change. Excellent work you two!

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