Even Mother Nature Gets Confused

IMG_0267Spring flowers have bloomed, the birds are twittering and building their nests but I find myself once again wishing I’d worn gloves and a heavier jacket.  Now they are calling for snow again tomorrow night???!!!  Mother Nature is confused.  Or deranged.  Either way she just ain’t getting it right this year.  I wonder what is going on with her?  Age?  Break-up?  Sickness?  Maybe she’s in a power struggle with Old Man Winter?  Or just simply pissed off.

I hope she finds some peace in whatever ailment she is suffering cause I just can’t take it anymore.  I am ready for warm breezes and light jackets.  I am ready to turn up my favorite songs with the breeze from the open window tangling my hair.  I am ready for spring.  Done with winter.  Mother Nature, can you hear me?


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