Zero-to-10 in Two Seconds Flat! (Or 15-to-25 depending)

So, here it is. Corinne is now 10 and Lily is 25. As happy an occasion as a birthday is, it has left me a bit melancholy for the past 10 years. Those 10 years went by in 2 seconds flat. I mean where did it all go? I remember struggling most days to get it all done and thinking, “just get through today” but now all those days are gone and I’m wishing I’d spent more time being IN instead of getting BY those days.

David, my husband, and I met when his daughter, Lily, was eight. She was an energetic red-headed child who saw her Dad as her favorite toy.* If his fathering skills weren’t enough proof that David was a gem, my cat Saber – who liked no men – allowed David to not only be near him but to pet him! Those two indicators sealed the deal for me.

From those days in 1999, David and I forged our life together. In 2003, we were married.  Shortly after that, Lily came to live with us full time. In 2006, Corinne was born. These times included many job advancements; family vacations (Short Stay, Disney, Asheville, Montreat, Niagra Falls, Nashville, Hershey Park, Charlottesville, etc.); losing David’s Mom to cancer and his Grandmother to old age; our three cats & dog growing old and dying; buying our house and adding a second floor five years later; several cars; my Mom living with us for a few years; and Lily moving away to college, graduating college and moving home again for awhile. Our life has been full to bursting with mostly good times.

Today, Lily is gainfully employed and living on her own. Corinne is happily headed into fourth grade. We have the things we need, most of the things we want, and family & friends to spend time with. There is no reason to feel melancholy. Every reason to feel joyous and thankful and blessed. So, as my dear friend Delane would say, I need to “put on my big girl drawers,” and look ahead to the wonders that will be and cherish the amazing memories I have. I resolve to spend the next two seconds living IN my days and not just getting BY.

* I have proof!  An elementary school paper asked her to list her favorite toy.  Her answer:  My Dad!

Here’s a closer look at the incredible MineCraft birthday cake Lily made for Corinne’s 10th birthday. The water is blue jello. If you want to see it jiggle, watch it wiggle, go to my Facebook page.


MineCraft Birthday Cake



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