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A Damn Fine Person

There are few people I will sit around a table and talk openly with about how stupid I was when younger. Not that I did anything terrible but it is my past and I like to believe I learned from my mistakes and my idiocy and have evolved into the damn fine person, parent, spouse, co-worker, … Continue reading


Even Mother Nature Gets Confused

Spring flowers have bloomed, the birds are twittering and building their nests but I find myself once again wishing I’d worn gloves and a heavier jacket.  Now they are calling for snow again tomorrow night???!!!  Mother Nature is confused.  Or deranged.  Either way she just ain’t getting it right this year.  I wonder what is … Continue reading

The Verge of Spring

When mornings are crisp and afternoon breezes warm, I dream of sitting in a quiet place, trees all around, tapping away at one story or another. Well not necessarily the tapping part. I miss pen and paper. Although the computer is quicker and editing is a breeze in comparison, blank pages spur on the creative … Continue reading