Memorial Day Thanks


Memorial Day Thanks

Life is wondrous, chaotic, and full of sadness & joy.  Emotions come and go riding the waves of life. Today, Memorial Day, is a day to remember and honor the sacrifices, the heroic efforts, of those that have lost their lives to save ours. Today’s combination of sadness and joy combines in a way other holidays do not.


Sadness for the loss many families have felt. (If you are a numbers person, check out this article.)  Of course, numbers do not reflect the toll these deaths take on the people left behind or the suffering our soldiers and their families experience after the return home.

The miraculous thing born from this sadness is the pride shown in the service of their loved ones. The faith and the cause in serving for military families runs deep.  It is not just the soldier that serves; but the soldier’s parents, spouse, children, family, and friends.  They all sacrifice, they all feel the loss when their loved one is deployed, they all savor the moments of togetherness that come few and far inbetween. Then, in addition, the possibility of loss with each tour of duty is unthinkable.

This pride transforms into joy for me.  My sister served, my father and stepfather served, my friends served, my husband’s family served. The school my daughter attends is full of families serving. These people have a pride and faith in their service that is noble and rooted deep in their souls. It is what they do. Not everyone can be a soldier. Not everyone can serve. I am proud knowing that such people do exist in my world.


My Thinking View

I look out at my thinking view and feel my heart is full.  Full of thanks, full of appreciation, full of wonder. Maybe, instead of “Happy Memorial Day”, we should say “Memorial Day Thanks.”

The difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day
Originally called Decoration Day



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