I ran across a notebook containing my early attempts at writing; poems, stories, lines of text I felt needed to be saved.  In particular for today’s blog, I found one of my first poems (published in a horse magazine long, long ago). Somewhere in the basement I have the original cutting in a scrapbook with concert ticket stubs, my first paycheck stub, etc. I will save the adventure to find it for another day. Today I will share with you the poem.

gold-horned-unicornI can vaguely date this to late elementary, early middle school with a publish date sometime between 1978 and 1982-ish. I loved horses and was lucky enough not to have to do it from afar. My Mom worked with thoroughbreds and I spent plenty of time with her at the stables. I mucked stalls. I carried water buckets. I picked hooves. I saw plenty of strong, independent woman at the track. In addition to my Mom, I remember Lisa Ruch (first female jockey to win the Black-eyed Susan Stakes) and Julie Krone (accomplished many things including 1983 ESPY Award for Female Athlete of the Year).

Back before the internet and non-stop t.v., magazine subscriptions brought monthly information to your door. One of my favorites was a horse magazine geared towards young, horse-loving girls. In the back was a section for reader-submitted drawings and writings. My first published poem appeared in those back pages.  I was very proud.

Unicorns?  Are they real?
Or do I imagine them in a field?
Running wild through the breeze
Over the hills and around the trees
with their hooves against the ground
taking off at the slightest sound.
Beautiful dapples, whites, and grays
Don’t you wish they were here to stay?


Julie Krone:  Where is she now?
Julie Krone:  National Woman’s Hall of Fame




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