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The Ones Left Behind

“They couldn’t recover after word got out. Folks were sickened to their core.” Rusty shook his greying hair. “I don’t know why you wanna bring it back up.” His heavy work boot scuffed back and forth in the dust, hands shoved deep into his dungarees. “You chose to live here though, right? You continue to … Continue reading

A Damn Fine Person

There are few people I will sit around a table and talk openly with about how stupid I was when younger. Not that I did anything terrible but it is my past and I like to believe I learned from my mistakes and my idiocy and have evolved into the damn fine person, parent, spouse, co-worker, … Continue reading

Even Mother Nature Gets Confused

Spring flowers have bloomed, the birds are twittering and building their nests but I find myself once again wishing I’d worn gloves and a heavier jacket.  Now they are calling for snow again tomorrow night???!!!  Mother Nature is confused.  Or deranged.  Either way she just ain’t getting it right this year.  I wonder what is … Continue reading