The Verge of Spring


A favorite writing spot

When mornings are crisp and afternoon breezes warm, I dream of sitting in a quiet place, trees all around, tapping away at one story or another. Well not necessarily the tapping part. I miss pen and paper. Although the computer is quicker and editing is a breeze in comparison, blank pages spur on the creative process in a way that a blank screen can not. The empty space laying before you seeks out creative forces and draws it in. Begging to be the start of the next great tale. The pen between your fingers whispers, “We can fill this space with brillancy.” In a similar fashion, the verge of spring creates that same creative impulse as the blank page. Together they pull me in attempting to wipe out all sense of responsibility. Is grocery shopping and clean cloths really necessary this week? Yes, yes, they usually are. So is going to work, taking care of the house and tending to my wonderful family and sweet puppies. But, Spring, I promise I will find time to give in to your gentle nudges.  I will spend time in that quiet, wooded place.  I will write!


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